Jasa Konsultan Strategi Bisnis,SOP,ISO,HR Management Consultants,Provider Training Indonesia

Jasa Konsultan Strategi Bisnis,ISO,SOP,HR Management Consultants,Provider Training ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,OHSAS18001,Serifikasi ISO Indonesia

Jasa Konsultan Strategi Bisnis,ISO,SOP,Consultants Manajemen,SDM,HR,BPR,Training-Workshop ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,OHSAS18001,Serifikasi ISO Jakarta

Konsultan Strategi Bisnis,SOP,ISO9001,ISO22000,OHSAS18001,ISO14001 Consultants,SDM,HR,BPR
Public-Inhouse Training,ISO Serifikasi,SDM/HR,BPR,Pelatihan ISO,5S,SOP,audit internal

Konsultan Strategi Bisnis,SOP,ISO9001,ISO22000,OHSAS18001,ISO14001 Consultants,SDM,HR,BPR
Public-Inhouse Training,ISO Serifikasi,SDM/HR,BPR,Pelatihan ISO,5S,SOP,audit internal
HR Management Center

Head Office :
Jl. Kyai Caringin No.20A Cideng
Jakarta Pusat-10150
Hotline : (021) 3240 3909
Fax : 021-630 6560 (Hunting)
Hotline SMS : 0818.480.825
email : venty@sienconsultant.com

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Jasa Training SA8000 dan Konsultan SA 8000 (Social Accountability)

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Training SA 8000 dan Konsultasi SA8000 (021) 324 03909

SIEN Consultants menawarkan kepada Client kami jasa konsultasi dengan metode kerja yang efektif dan efisien dalam memcapai pemenuhan tanggungjawab social dari perusahaan. Team kami sebagai ahli dalam membimbing dan merencanakan strategi – strategi dalam menanggulangi hambatan dan dapat memperoleh sertifikasi SA 8000

Beberapa manfaat memperoleh sertifikat SA 8000 yaitu:

  • Pemilik usaha akan lebih memperhatikan kepentingan karyawannya
  • Pemilik usaha dapat lebih memahami masalah karyawannya
  • Sistem pembagian waktu kerja dan kompensasi lembur
  • Melindungi tenaga kerja dibawah umur
  • Mencegah diskriminasi
  • Memberikan kebebasan karyawan berasosiasi dan mendapat keadilan


Our Company – SIEN Consultant

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Business Strategic & Management System Consulting and Training (021) 324 03909

SIEN Consultants is a “Business Strategic and Management System Consulting firm” dedicated to support organizations in all sectors of business, industry and government.  We have commitment to give the “Best services” to all customers to build the “Customer Trust” as our company asset.

SIEN Consultants provide a wide range of consulting and training services in the sectors of Business Strategic such as Corporate Plan Strategic, Marketing Strategic, Financial Strategic, Human Capital Strategic, Productivity System ( Quality, Environment, Food Safety, Automotive, Medical Devices, Laboratory, Health and Safety), Social Accountability, Accounting System, IT Security, Six Sigma, Balance Score Card and Integrated Management System”.

Since its establishment in 2001, SIEN Consultants has rapidly emerged as one of the leading business consulting we are the the BEST consulting firm in Indonesia, Our success is supported with human resources who have educated, reliability, professionalism and have wide experiences as “track record” on their sector,

Since then it was established, SIEN Consultants has proving to assisted many organizations in leading successful change initiatives in various industry or manufactures including :  Automotive Part, Spring part, Metal Stamping, Muffler part,  Machining Mfg-diesel engine, Heater Manufacturing, Garment, Cushion & Bag, Plastic Packaging, Electronic Light Assembly, Shipping Line, Brokerage, Spinning,  Injection Molding,  Electronic Light Assembly, PCB-Electronic part , Speaker Assay, Trade center & Building Management, Food & Beverage,  Marine Processing, Can Manufacturing, Water Treatment, Pharmacy, Flexible Packaging, Press & Dies, Printing Offset, Security Printing, Networking provider/Telkom, Carton  Box, Forwarding, Transportation, Warehousing, Furniture, Cigarette, Rubber Seal, Metal Flange, Inspection services and others.

we believe we could contribute greatly to assist your company in enhancing its performance and your futures  business.

Best Regards,

SIEN Consultants